“What’s Wrong With the NSA Collecting Your Phone Records?” via LewRockwell.com

            “Verizon is being forced by the government to disclose telephone records of all of its customers. Those of us who want our call records to be private are being forced to reveal them to the government. We can’t keep them private even if we want to. What is wrong with the government spying on us in this way?” For Michael S. Rozeff’s entire article, go here.

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NSA Exposed

            Today, it was uncovered that the NSA has been hoarding phone data from virtually all Verizon customers…daily.  This should come as no surprise.  The ironically named Patriot Act provided fertile ground for eroding privacy, and considering the size of the NSA database in Utah for "Domestic Surveillance" this was bound to happen.  Below is the logo of the NSA's domestic surveillance program.  We think that this image, featuring a red-eyed eagle wearing headphones and holding a bundle of cables, says it all.

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A Quote to Mark the Birth of Keynes

            The following is from Charles Rowley’s essay “John Maynard Keynes and the Attack on Classical Political Economy.” “Perhaps understandably, in the absence of any public choice perception, Keynes made no reference, either then or later, to the special interests that would dictate the pattern of government intervention once the political market was unleashed from its laissez-faire constraints.  But, he had no excuse, whatsoever, other than Harvey Road elitism, for ignoring the warnings of Hume, Smith and Mill concerning the self-seeking corruption endemic in an extended polity.” – page 130-131

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