Cafe Hayek: Quotation of the Day

            by DON BOUDREAUX             …is from page 2 of Rose George’s 2013 Ninety Percent of Everything: Inside Shipping, The Invisible Industry That Puts Clothes On Your Back, Gas In Your Car, and Food On Your Plate: But who looks behind a television now and sees the ship that brought it?  Who cares about the man who steered your breakfast cereal through winter storms?  How ironic that the more ships have grown in size, the less space they now take up in our imagination.             It is one of the most historically unique and amazing features of life in modern market …

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FEE: Information Ages: Knowledge, Survival, and Progress

            by RICHARD FULMER                        Our era is often called the “Information Age,” yet humanity has only survived this long because of our ability to use information. We do not have the sharp teeth and claws, tough hides, or thick fur needed to adapt to our environment; we survive by adapting our environment to ourselves. That can be done only by accumulating knowledge about our world and putting it to practical use.             By and large, this means communicating with others in order to enable cooperation and coordination. Information in isolation dies with its possessor. When …

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FEE: What Doesn’t Kill You

            by JEFFREY A. TUCKER             I’m so proud of Rebecca Black I can hardly stand it.             She is among a growing number of young people who have become YouTube stars completely on their own. They have made use of user-controlled technology—from their own cameras to your eyes and ears—to cultivate fans all over the world. This trend has allowed ordinary individuals to bypass the once-entrenched elites in the entertainment world and is flourishing under a system of peer-to-peer sharing. A major beneficiary of this technology, and only 16 years old, Black has a wonderful career ahead of her if …

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