FEE: Britain’s BBC Tax

            by EMMA FREIRE             Last year, over 180,000 people in Great Britain were prosecuted for failing to pay the tax levied on their TV signal. This comprised 12 percent of all criminal prosecutions in Great Britain. Of those prosecuted, 155,000—two-thirds of them women—were convicted and ordered to pay fines of up to £1,000 ($1,600). Each walks away with a criminal record.              The tax in question is known as the “license fee.” It is unusual in that it goes entirely to fund the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). “The license fee is, in effect, a television tax,” explains Philip Booth …

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A Letter to You, From our Founder

            by BOB CHITESTER             In the “libertarian” worldview there is a tendency forpeople to think that “anything goes.” One result is, defense of the family islargely left to or thought to be the purview of conservatives. Many a classicalliberal/libertarian has addressed the central role of culture in determiningpolitical outcomes, yet when Jennifer Roback Morse published her book “Love andEconomics”  she was thought by some to have joined the “touchy-feeling”academics in building a case for her conclusions rather than drawingconclusions from rigorous research.             Since the family is a powerful force in shaping culture itdeserves more serious consideration by those who …

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