“Power to the People with Johan Norberg” E-book Available for Purchase

A journey of exploration of the world’s new energy landscape, based on Johan Norberg’s public television documentary Power to the People. Based on Norberg’s travels for the television documentary Power to the People, his investigation peels back the layers of this global challenge, often questioning the conventional wisdom on what works and what doesn’t. His journey starts in the Moroccan bazaars of Marrakech, which functioned fine for eons without modern conveniences, but where electric lights, computers, cell phones and credit card readers are now everywhere.  Even more telling is Norberg’s journey to a remote Berber village in the Sahara Desert. More …

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Milwaukee Wisconsin Residents, watch “Power to the People with Johan Norberg on Thursday, April 24th and Friday, April 25th on these channels.

 Broadcast times and channels for “Power to the People with Johan Norberg” Thursday, April 24th and Friday, April 25th, 2015. To sign up to get notifications when this program is airing in your area click here:http://freetochoosemedia.org/broadcasts/power_people/form.php

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