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The entire Free To Choose Store is on sale! This sale has expired, but check back another time to see if we have more specials. Which means you can purchase India Awakes or The Original Free To Choose 1980 series for 30% off!! With great good humor, Milton Friedman often framed his economic advice in ways that everyone could understand. This centennial collection of twelve newly mastered DVDs comprises a unique tribute to the “Winning Ideas of Milton and Rose Friedman;” “Winning” because they have and continue to withstand the test of time. The Economist called him, “the most influential …

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Dead Wrong™ with Johan Norberg – Merry Christmas! (VIDEO)

Swedish scholar Johan Norberg explains why those who claim saying “Merry Christmas” is offensive to non-Christians are “Dead Wrong.”

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India Awakes: Now Available on Free To Choose.TV

India Awakes is now available for immediate streaming on Free To Choose.TV

India is coming alive and flourishing economically. In fact, Citigroup estimates that by 2050, India will have the world’s largest economy, larger than China and the United States. For many centuries, only the politically connected and elite prospered in India, while the rest of the population lived in poverty. However, since 1991, 250 million people have been lifted out of poverty and are finding new ways to flex their personal and economic power. India Awakes reveals the enormous power of unlocking human potential and ambition, and how doing so could establish this country as a preeminent world leader.


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