The GOP Civil War, The Filibuster, and What May Come

            It is clear.  With the rebranding of the Republican Party comes grabs for power.  Rand Paul's now infamous filibuster(Highlights here) and John McCain'srebuttal is the first major example of the civil war manifesting itself.  May we have a clean fight. Additionally, analysis from Newt Gingrich is rather telling.

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Michigan Government to take over Detroit?

            In the wake of the emergency that is the city of Detroit, Bloomberg reports that Governor Rick Synder declares a state takeover in the works. If more government intervention in Detroit is the answer, should we not first consider to what extent government intervention led to the follies of Detroit?  The centralization of power has a poor track record; will Detroit continue to be yet another example?

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Former White House Press Secretary on Drones

            Arecent MSNBC nicely outlines how Robert Gibbs was told “not even toacknowledge the drone program.�  With an undeclared and covert droneoperation primarily in Pakistan and Yemen, has the American public reached apoint where not only is unconstitutional warfare hard to denounce, but worse, hard to detect?               It is clear that the drone operation is expanding–We arenow installing a new drone base in Niger with 100 troops.  A surveillancedrone program over our homeland, though receiving tough opposition, is also in the works.  How far will thisgo with the consent of the people, or dare I …

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