izzit’s Teacher of the Year Contest

There are less than two weeks for teachers to apply to izzit.org’s Teacher of the Year Contest! izzit is looking for teachers who use their wonderful teaching resources in exciting and innovative ways. 5 winners will receive $2,000, an all-expenses paid trip to Chicago, IL, a lifetime izzitPlus membership and more. Encourage any teachers your know to take advantage of this great opportunity! Time is running out!

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Reason’s Brian Doherty on the Evolving GOP and the Peculiar Case of Rand Paul

            In his stimulating article State of the Union: Rand Paul Brings Libertarianism to the GOP, Brian Doherty of Reason Magazine outlines the implications of the GOP’s current political climate.             After suffering a humiliating defeat to a vulnerable President Obama, the Republican Party is now experiencing both a void in power and an effort to rebrand.  This scenario offers non-establishment wings of the party–namely libertarian Republicans and Tea Partiers–to gain influence.  Having formally responded to the President’s State of the Union Address, Senators Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are two figures that offer the GOP credibility, …

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Judge Napolitano on Cybersecurity

                          As the government increasingly aims to regulate and surveil the internet, we must consider impact of such interference on freedom.  Should we sacrifice the liberty offered by internet to supposed security promised by government?  Perhaps the internet should remain a place for free people, free markets and free minds.

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