Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – Democratic Socialism (VIDEO)

Jeremy Corbyn of the British Labour party wants a new kind of Democratic Socialism, with majority decisions controlling local communities, services and workplaces. Isn’t that neat? People power and democratic harmony. Dead Wrong®. Free To Choose® Media Executive Editor and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Johan Norberg discusses how those very ideals are tearing apart the group attempting to implement them.



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The Two Party System Is Failing America


The two party system that produces the leadership in this country is dividing us now more than ever, and Americans absolutely love it. We have always been a nation founded on the principles of us vs. them. Colonies vs. Britain. North vs. South. Allies vs. Axis Powers. As Americans, we revel in the opportunity to take a side and defend it to our dying breath and as Americans it is our absolute and undeniable right to do so. Watching the current presidential election drama unfold its becoming more and more clear. We are only provided with the illusion of choice …

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