School Choice: Let the Song Play On

Last week we dipped our toes in the waters of school choice and school vouchers.  Now, let’s put our hesitations aside and dive right in, because just like Mr. Dylan said, “The times they are a changin.” If all goes as planned, our new secretary of education will be implementing school choice in every state in America, not just her home state of Michigan. And still it’s not the idea of implementing school choice or school vouchers that seem to keep a dark cloud looming over the American people but more the idea of this system not being properly executed. School …

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School Choice: That Same Old Song and Dance

What is it about Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ proposed school voucher system that has so many American citizens up in a frenzy? After all, school choice and school vouchers are not a new idea, sprung from the mind of one Miss DeVos. There is a multitude of evidence that shows that school vouchers and school choice works for many countries, like Belgium, France, Spain, Chile, Germany, and New Zealand. So one has to ask, is it the idea of using school vouchers to create equality in choice for parents, when it comes to their children’s education, or is it Betsy …

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Charter Schools Are Boosting Education, Not Leeching From It


Simply saying the term “charter school” in the wrong circle of people can nearly incite a riot and with good reason. Charter schools take away money from public schools and whenever there is money involved, tensions run high. The opponents of charter schools will point to several studies that show they barely outperform public schools. They’ll say that charter schools cherry-pick the best students, leaving the rest behind. What they won’t tell you is how the traditional public education system has underserved a large portion of the community for decades. They also won’t read beyond the first paragraph of the …

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