Dead Wrong™ with Johan Norberg – Identity Politics on the Left and Right (VIDEO)

On election night as Donald Trump triumphed, someone tweeted, “Maybe if we called more people racist in louder voices this wouldn’t be happening right now.” Of course he was being ironic, but this sentiment is so Dead Wrong that we have to talk about it. Free To Choose Media Executive Editor and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Johan Norberg explains why this thought process becomes its own self-fulfilling prophecy.



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Beware The Social Media Echo Chamber


The division in the country is alarming. Even before we knew the outcome of the election, the divisions that have surfaced over the past several months will remain for quite some time and heal rather slowly. People will point the finger at the candidates themselves, maybe even their supporters, but the fault may not lie with one person or even a group of people. The blame lies with something that happened right in front of your face, but never even realized. It happened within the algorithms that control your social media feed. The algorithms aggregate data based on what you click …

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The Issues No Longer Matter In The Race For The White House


I went to a Donald Trump rally last week and it was everything I expected it to be. It had a very large and energetic crowd, “Make America Great Again” Hats, and a surprisingly engaging and entertaining speaker. The one thing it was missing, which I also expected, was substance. That, however, got me thinking. The lack of substance in his speech wasn’t a Donald Trump problem. It was a presidential campaign problem in general. The only information that has gotten through the filter of the media during this election cycle has been generic rhetoric and mudslinging, which has alarmingly …

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The Two Party System Is Failing America


The two party system that produces the leadership in this country is dividing us now more than ever, and Americans absolutely love it. We have always been a nation founded on the principles of us vs. them. Colonies vs. Britain. North vs. South. Allies vs. Axis Powers. As Americans, we revel in the opportunity to take a side and defend it to our dying breath and as Americans it is our absolute and undeniable right to do so. Watching the current presidential election drama unfold its becoming more and more clear. We are only provided with the illusion of choice …

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