Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – Fake News About Fake News (VIDEO)

Fake news swung the U.S. election. We must stop it. Perhaps even limit free speech to combat it, as the Swedish minister of culture suggested. Dead Wrong®. Don’t buy in to the fake news about the impact of fake news. Confused? Free To Choose® Media Executive Editor and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Johan Norberg explains.



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Beware The Social Media Echo Chamber


The division in the country is alarming. Even before we knew the outcome of the election, the divisions that have surfaced over the past several months will remain for quite some time and heal rather slowly. People will point the finger at the candidates themselves, maybe even their supporters, but the fault may not lie with one person or even a group of people. The blame lies with something that happened right in front of your face, but never even realized. It happened within the algorithms that control your social media feed. The algorithms aggregate data based on what you click …

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