Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – School Shootings: Really Increasing? (VIDEO)

The horrible school shooting in Parkland, Florida at the end of February was the 18th in the U.S. this year. Eighteen school shootings in just 43 days! It seems like it’s getting worse. But that is luckily Dead Wrong®. One is still too many, but don’t believe the exaggerated figures. Join Free To Choose® Media Executive Editor and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Johan Norberg.



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Charter Schools Are Boosting Education, Not Leeching From It


Simply saying the term “charter school” in the wrong circle of people can nearly incite a riot and with good reason. Charter schools take away money from public schools and whenever there is money involved, tensions run high. The opponents of charter schools will point to several studies that show they barely outperform public schools. They’ll say that charter schools cherry-pick the best students, leaving the rest behind. What they won’t tell you is how the traditional public education system has underserved a large portion of the community for decades. They also won’t read beyond the first paragraph of the …

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