Introducing: FTCN Staff Picks

Late last year we began a staff picks email campaign. Free To Choose Network is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and our extensive video library certainly reflects that legacy. In an effort to make use of this footage, we are promoting a short video clip each month. While some of the videos are decades old, we have been impressed to see how often the ideas are still relevant to events happening today. The Staff Picks campaign also gives us the opportunity to highlight segments of our newest documentary releases.

Technology has certainly changed since Free To Choose Network was founded, and we are thrilled that social media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook make it easier to share free-market ideas with as many people as possible, wherever they are, whenever they want, in an increasingly mobile and online world.

We hope that the Staff Picks initiative will help us reach a generation of viewers who can stand as champions of liberty in the face of freedoms lost to ever-growing government. However, these ideas are most effective when shared, and we need your help to do that! Most of our programs can be streamed online for free, and therefore it is easy to share links via email or social media. See what video we recommend each month, or share your own favorite Free To Choose Network video clips as you explore our archive at or on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

To sign up for e-mail alerts about staff picks, please contact us at or keep up with our blog. Sharing free-market principles is just a Facebook post or tweet away!