Erie Residents – Work & Happiness: The Human Cost of Welfare is Airing Near You

Compassion fueled the creation of America’s welfare system, a safety net that rescues some of the most vulnerable among us. We often hear political leaders and activists tout the system’s good intentions, but what about those living on welfare? Do they think the system is working? Have good intentions delivered good results?

The safety net is ideally more of a trampoline, where people hit it and then bounce back onto their feet, and into rich, fulfilling lives. But today, instead of bouncing back, too many Americans have become ensnared in the net. Of course, the system has helped some people, but the sad fact is that it typically hurts those it’s supposed to help.

Viewers will experience the welfare system through the eyes of those who are stuck in it. They will learn that the system’s greatest cost is its human cost.

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