Johan & Rob’s Excellent Adventure

Johan Norberg and Rob Chatfield hit the ground running when they arrived in Washington, DC for a five-city publicity tour for Sweden: Lessons for America? – A Personal Exploration by Johan Norberg

Starting in our nation’s capital, Norberg was first interviewed by Kat Murti, senior digital outreach manager at Cato Institute. She has her own following and conducted a Facebook Live interview with Johan that covered many topics, including other documentaries he has hosted with FTCM.

The duo then ran downstairs for a screening and discussion of the documentary, moderated by Ian Vasquez, Director, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity at Cato. After a quick luncheon, they were off to Reason for a podcast interview. With just enough time to don their black ties, the two ended their day at the American Enterprise Institute’s annual dinner at the National Building Museum.

The next day started early with a train whisking them off to the Big Apple. First interview of the day was live on Bold TV, a digital news network committed to bipartisan dialogue and innovation for people, business and communities. It’s hosted by Clay Aiken and Carrie Sheffield, produced in partnerships with Al Roker Entertainment. Johan sat on a panel with Schrab Ahmari, senior writer at Commentary Magazine and Micah Uetricht from Jacobin magazine to talk about the documentary. Carrie Sheffield and Alice Anil moderated.

Johan also did two interviews with Swedish Public Television on this trip; one with radio and one taped video.

In New York, Johan talked with Mary O’Grady, editorial page editor at the Wall Street Journal, Ben Domenech, host of The Federalist Radio Hour at Hillsdale College, John Stossel, and had a live appearance on Kennedy. He and Rob also met with funders and producers, and they attended The Economist’s Open Future Festival.

Johan met “his people” in Minneapolis, where the American Swedish Institute hosted a screening. Minneapolis has the largest concentration of Swedish Americans in the U.S. 

Marjory Hawkins, FTCN’s publicist who organized the publicity tour, picked the traveling duo up in Dallas for a screening hosted by Dr. Peter Lewin’s Colloquium for the Advancement of Free-Enterprise Education (CAFÉ) at the University of Texas-Dallas. From there, they drove to Austin, for a final screening hosted by Young Americans for Liberty. After a night on the town in the “Live Music Capital of the World,” each headed to the airport to return to their normal lives.