Turmoil & Triumph: The George Shultz Years Airing in California and Michigan this Sunday…

Turmoil & Triumph: The George Shultz Years will be airing on public television stations in California and Michigan this Sunday.

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This three-hour documentary series on the life of former Secretary of State George Shultz presents viewers with a rare close-up look at this remarkable man who served his country at the highest level during an unforgettable time. Each of the three programs offers a never-before-seen look at the inner workings of the Reagan White House. It captures the intrigue and in-fighting as advisors vie for the ear of the president over historic issues such as Arms for Hostages and the Star Wars space defense initiative.

Through the memories of George Shultz, other cabinet members, journalists and historians, viewers relive the gripping tensions of these times; the fear of war in the Middle East, the shock of the barracks bombing that killed 220 Marines in Lebanon, the fall of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and the presidency of Corazon Aquino and the delicate manipulations of summitry that helped determine the future of peace on the planet. For the first time these programs reveal Shultz’s dedicated efforts to protect his President and expose those in the White House who plotted the illegal Iran/Contra scheme. Throughout, George Shultz’s relentless determination combined with his use of national strength made him one of the most effective secretaries of state in the nation’s history. The series offers George Shultz’s remarkably vivid portraits of the major players on the national and world stage in the latter years of the twentieth century. But Shultz’s most remarkable and revealing portrait are of Ronald Reagan himself. This three-hour PBS series is full of high drama and living history.

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Is America in Retreat? Airing on Public Television

When the U.S. assumed the PAX, it assumed responsibility for global order, but for how long? Just how deeply entangled should America be in the world’s affairs? What alternatives are there to being the world’s policemen? Is there really a downside to retreat? And in the absence of the U.S., how might global order be maintained – or decimated?  In a companion documentary to America in Retreat by Wall Street Journal’s Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Bret Stephens, Free To Choose Executive Editor and Cato Senior Fellow Johan Norberg examines the questions facing a nation leaning back toward isolationism.

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The latest release from Free To Choose Network is coming to your area soon!

What can a man with a plain name who lived over 200 years ago tell us about life today? Who was The Real Adam Smith? And why should we care?

In this two-hour, two-part documentary, FTCM Executive Editor and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Johan Norberg explores Adam Smith’s life, his ideas about morality and economics, and how the concepts he discussed in his books and lectures are still relevant today.


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Milwaukee Wisconsin Residents, watch “Power to the People with Johan Norberg on Thursday, April 24th and Friday, April 25th on these channels.

 Broadcast times and channels for “Power to the People with Johan Norberg” Thursday, April 24th and Friday, April 25th, 2015. To sign up to get notifications when this program is airing in your area click here://freetochoosemedia.org/broadcasts/power_people/form.php

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