Celebrating Milton Friedman and Free To Choose

40 years ago, the U.S was in an economic recession, an Asian country was beginning to dominate world manufacturing, and the era of big government and socialism surely looked like it would emerge as the winner through the Soviet Union.

In less than 10 years, we beat back the tide and ushered in a new era of freedom and prosperity based on good old U.S. capitalism. Thank you, Milton Friedman.

Today we launch a celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the original Free To Choose – a television series that literally changed the world. This program remains one of the most profound and accessible conduits to the ideas of personal and economic freedom and serves as a touchstone to anyone seeking to recreate the recipe for peace and prosperity.

Our nonprofit organization, Free To Choose® Network, was born of this series. Bob Chitester created the concept for the original project with Milton Friedman, and our team has since spent decades telling stories that emphasize these basic principles for the benefit of a free society.

Now, more than ever, we could use a great communicator to re-introduce a new generation to these ideas. Why not use the best that ever was? Milton Friedman himself. I’m inviting you to follow us online over the next 10 weeks while we release clips, animated shorts, behind the scenes stories, and some new twists that will answer the age-old question, “What would Milton Say?”

It will be all Milton and it’s our pleasure to share and celebrate his timeless ideas.

Watch, ENJOY, and please share – especially with the next generation.

Rob Chatfield
President & CEO

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Free To Choose: The Original 1980 TV Series – Now Streaming on Amazon Prime Video!

Milton Friedman’s groundbreaking Free To Choose series brought his ideas of individual and economic freedom to millions in 1980. Now, in honor of what would have been his 106th birthday, we are bringing those principles to even more by making it available on Amazon Prime. His most well-known legacy is now easily accessible, and streaming on one of the world’s largest video platforms.

ifatAbout Free To Choose: The Original 1980 TV Series:
Free To Choose® is the ground-breaking PBS television series featuring Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economist. These programs, filmed on location around the world, have helped millions of people understand the close relationship between the ideas of human freedom and economic freedom. The interaction between those ideas has created in the U.S. the richest and freest society the world has ever known. Milton Friedman sees this success threatened by the tendency in the last few decades to assume that government intervention is the answer to all problems. In these programs, which first aired on January 11, 1980, Dr. Friedman focuses on basic principles. How do markets work? Why has socialism failed? Can government help economic development? The 1980 version consists of 10 one-hour programs.

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30% Off Everything in the Store!!!

The entire Free To Choose Store is on sale! This sale has expired, but check back another time to see if we have more specials. Which means you can purchase India Awakes or The Original Free To Choose 1980 series for 30% off!! With great good humor, Milton Friedman often framed his economic advice in ways that everyone could understand. This centennial collection of twelve newly mastered DVDs comprises a unique tribute to the “Winning Ideas of Milton and Rose Friedman;” “Winning” because they have and continue to withstand the test of time. The Economist called him, “the most influential …

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Free or Equal: Following Milton Friedman’s Footsteps in China

Free To Choose Network is recirculating this Field Report from 2010-2011, to demonstrate the significance of freedom and Milton Friedman’s journey as we celebrate the Fourth of July.

Report from the Field by Barbara Potter, Field Producer

Every production has its challenges, but this was one we never expected. A long-dormant volcano in Iceland erupted in 2010, and threatened to shut down Free or Equal before filming had even begun.

Jim and I flew to Hong Kong in April, five days before our program host, Johan Norberg, was to arrive. Part of our mission as director and field producer was to find the exact location where Milton had stood in Free To Choose to describe the powerful Hong Kong economy of 1980. We were armed with still frames captured from the then thirty-year-old public television series. That meant taking Johan to some of the most interesting places Milton presented in 1980. Well, if we could get Johan to us. Hong Kong, you see, was our first location. Those first few days, Jim and I worked with a local production assistant named Ho. Ho was himself a producer, who was very familiar with the city and would help us on our search. The most important matching location was an overview of the impressive Hong Kong skyline. The idea was to position Johan just where Milton had been, so that the angle and size of the buildings matched the old footage, and we could see the changes. We knew that we needed to be positioned across Victoria Harbor, shooting from the Kowloon side, but we had no idea how many of the original structures would still be there.


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Milton Friedman July Bundle Sales

July commemorates Independence Day and signifies Freedom for the United States, but July is also Milton Friedman’s Birthday Month! So we created TWO different sales bundles for you!!! The first is Friedman Freedom Favorites, bursting with programs that help illustrate Freedom to compliment Independence Day!!!  The second is the Milton Friedman Birthday Bundle packed with all our Milton Friedman media to help honor this economist’s values, ideas and influence. Click here to see all our special offers. Milton Friedman: Born: July 31st, 1912 in Brooklyn, New York  Died: November 16th, 2006 in San Francisco, California “A society that puts equality before freedom …

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