Episode 20 – Charles Murray (Podcast)

Episode 20 – Charles Murray (Podcast)

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Welfare programs are often touted as the saving grace of those living in poverty. But, as with any governmental program there tends to be unintended consequences despite noble intentions. How have welfare programs changed the overall culture of those living in poverty? It’s a question that most people have never posed to themselves.

Social scientist Charles Murray has researched that very question for years. He poses that these programs have changed the perception of those who have money and those who work hard. “One of the most tragic things that you encounter are the stories of the 16-year-old who goes home to his father who has been working all his life as a janitor and says that his father is a chump. He is a sucker. And that he, the son, is certainly not going to be a chump the way his father was. What we have done to let the son think that, I think, is one of the greatest sins that we committed in social policy in the last 20 years.”

What other implications does the welfare state have on our society? Listen to the full interview in the latest episode of the Free To Choose Media Podcast to find out.


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