Episode 24 – Science and Religion (Podcast)

Episode 24 – Science and Religion (Podcast)

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Are science and religion incompatible? It’s a conversation that tends to get heated very quickly. Science has answered several of our questions about the universe, but the theological debate keeps returning to one point, the beginning. As you could expect, a balanced discussion on the topic eventually leads to more questions than answers.

“How the earth formed, how life arose from the earth, how man evolved. All of that is explainable in a very satisfying way. Does that prove that God does not exist? The trouble with drawing that conclusion is that when you step back to look at the whole picture, you run up against this problem of the beginning and the end again. Now, the fact that science can’t make any comment on that issue, does that prove that God does exist? Where are we in this? It matters so much to so many people.”

Join legendary broadcaster Hugh Downs as he talks with globally renowned astronomer and former director of the Mt. Wilson Institute, Robert Jastrow in the latest episode of the Free To Choose Media Podcast, Science and Religion.


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