Episode 31 – High Cost of Bad Science (Podcast)

Episode 31 – High Cost of Bad Science (Podcast)

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The vast majority of people agree that we should be doing what we can to help protect the environment, but are we doing it the right way? Regulations may be based in science, but they’re created by bureaucrats with only one singular focus. Whose job is it to look at the impact of these regulations on a larger scale? And is the situation being presented in a way to intentionally scare the public?

Dr. Walter Williams would say so, as well as professor of environmental science Dr. Fred Singer, “We have in the federal government, agencies that look at things from a fairly narrow point of view. You have a person, let’s say in the Environmental Protection Agency, whose job it is to look at chemicals…and he just worries about chemicals. He doesn’t worry about whether these funds would better be spent on, let’s say, vaccinations for children to protect them from diseases or on better health care or whatever. But you’re absolutely right, there’s no overall view of comparing these risks that we experience in our daily lives to make sure that the monies we’ve spent are properly allocated.”

Join these two esteemed thinkers for their perspectives on the issues in the latest episode of the Free To Choose Media Podcast, High Cost of Bad Science.


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