Episode 33 – Culture War (Podcast)

Episode 33 – Culture War (Podcast)

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What is liberalism? What is conservatism? The divide between the two opposing ideologies has widened recently, but why? It may have to do with the two sides not only believing that they are right, but believing they have the duty to impose their views on the other half. We’ve moved from an era from which politics and religion were separate. Now, we are walking the border of politics becoming religion. Will that shift result in a culture war, or are we already there?

As theologian Dr. Kenneth Craycraft Sr. puts political ideology in terms of religion, “The problem is that instead of having one, however lowest common denominator it might be; one moral vision toward which we can all agree despite our vast differences politically, religiously. We have at least two major ones and perhaps a lot more and both claiming toleration; one claiming it, one wanting to be tolerated in one sense, one claiming to be the tolerant one, and neither getting along very well.”

So, is a culture war looming, or is it already here? Hear the debate between Craycraft and his colleagues in the latest episode of the Free To Choose Media Podcast, Culture War.


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