Episode 37 – Ed Crane (Podcast)

Episode 37 – Ed Crane (Podcast)

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Is there a more market-based approach to government? Regardless of the outcome of elections, there seems to be a growing number of Americans who are dissatisfied with the result no matter which party is in control. Congressional control flips at a rate you can nearly set your watch to. What are Americans looking for? They’re looking for another way. They’re looking for a solution that the two-party system cannot provide; a choice of candidates that doesn’t force them to sacrifice a portion of their principles.

Former CATO President, Ed Crane sums it up, “In my view, there’s a huge disenfranchised element of the American population. I think Americans, inherently, are libertarian. That they basically believe in a combination of views that the conservative, liberal dichotomy on the political spectrum does not adequately represent. I think, for instance, most conservatives if you believe in a free market, the free enterprise system, you’re offered a package deal that involves very often an intolerant attitude toward social relations and certainly a very militaristic one in terms of international relations. Conversely if you’re very much concerned with peaceful relations among nations as I am and you decided that you want to accept a liberal package you’re given a package that includes income redistribution, government control of the economy. And I think it’s an unfortunate choice…”

Listen to the rest of what he has to say and the role that think tanks can play in the process in the latest episode of the Free To Choose Media Podcast, Ed Crane.


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