Episode 38 – Constitution Crisis (Podcast)

Episode 38 – Constitution Crisis (Podcast)

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What is the legitimate role of government in a free society? Most agree that there is one, albeit small. The Constitution lays out these roles, but they are ignored and trampled on year after year. Laws are passed, programs are implemented, and taxes are collected all in the name of progress. Yet most conflict directly with the liberties granted and restrictions imposed by the Constitution. The problem is not going away and seems to be getting worse.

History is on our side. When governments have overstepped, the results have not been kind. Dr. Walter Williams puts these concerns in an economic perspective. “When you hear Presidents talking about, or people asking Presidential Candidates “What’s your economic plan,?” I find that rather amazing because the bosses in Eastern Europe had economic plans and the Soviet Union had economic plans and China and Cuba and North Korea. And if you ask what’s a common characteristic of all these economic plans, they’ve been failures. They’ve led to lower standards of living and lower human rights protections. And, low and behold, we have Americans asking for the same thing.”

Join Dr. Williams and Dr. James Buchanan as they discuss how our rights are slowly being taken away in the latest episode of the Free To Choose Media Podcast.


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